Glenn Buchan: Seller and Buyer

Dear Marija Tatiana,

I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in helping me find and buy my new house and sell my old one. I greatly appreciate the patience you displayed and the effort you invested in helping me find a new home that met my needs. By taking the time to understand what I was looking for and then investing a substantial amount of your own time in systematically evaluating and screening the houses on the market, you were able to identify those that were most likely to appeal to me. That narrowed my search considerably and made the process of finding the right house much easier and more efficient. Then, with your help, I was able to narrow down the choices quickly and settle on the best house for me.

Coming as they did during the time that the housing market and the economy in general were crashing, both the purchase and the sale were much more difficult than normal. After I had chosen a house, you were instrumental in helping me get through the sometimes difficult process of getting the financing for the purchase and doing all the necessary things to make it happen. There were problems that came up that could well have killed the whole deal. However, you were always able to find a solution.

Selling my old house was even more difficult for a variety of reasons. However, you worked tirelessly to solve all the problems that came up and were finally successful in completing that deal as well. (I am certain that the purchaser of my old house was equally pleased with how effectively you represented her interests, too.)

I seriously doubt if either deal would have been possible without your expertise and hard work. Moreover, throughout the whole process you were invariably pleasant, cheerful, and upbeat, which made the difficult experience much more bearable and ultimately rewarding. I would strongly recommend that anyone interesting in buying or selling a home enlist your services as broker!

Thanks again,

Glenn Buchan – Redondo Beach

(Hired more than once)


— Anonymous