Mike Pearson: Buyer and Seller

Marija helped me with moving from Mar Vista to Manhattan Beach. 

We found a fixer house (almost a tear down) and we were both able to envision what it could be like after some renovation.

I was concerned about paying too much for the house.  I couldn’t believe that I was about to pay almost a million dollars for a property.  I asked her to run comps for me. Then more comps. Then more. She never balked or put me off. When I requested comps from different years and prices from various years she provided them for me promptly.  I was then confident that the property was a good deal.  I was very happy with Marija’s service.  

I was also very pleased that Marija was able to understand and respect my concerns and was able to assist me in the ways I wanted.

I recommend Marija as an honest, hard working and dependable Realtor.

Michael Pearson

Manhattan Beach, CA

— Anonymous